To My Friends

Fellow members of great Kansai,
whom the world looks upon as
The strong bond of mentor and
disciple is eternal.
With the vow, “now, again,”
victoriously protect
your golden citadel!

To My Friends

If you pray and take action
with passionate resolve,
everything and everyone
will become your ally.
This is the principle of the
great philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism.
Every day, let’s exert ourselves
bravely and assiduously to
expand our solidarity of good!

To My Friends

Today will never come again.
What are you personally challenging?
What is your mission for today?
Every day, let’s make a fresh start,
beginning with morning prayers
infused with a deep commitment
for kosen-rufu!


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To My Friends

I express my appreciation
to the men’s and women’s
chapter leaders for their
noble struggles.
Every one of you is a pillar of
kosen-rufu in the community.
Strengthen your bond with
each person around you and
chronicle a history of
dynamic progress together!

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